Timberland X MADNESS 20210904

Timberland X MADNESS

TIMBERLAND timberland co branded by Yu wenle chief manager timberland x madness 6 inch Gore Tex fabricleather boot original factory customized waterproof anti fur kickable functional waterproof work clothes boots madness cooperates with Zhongshan original factory to reach the highest specification in the market, which has never been seen in the top quality trend. The sales volume of the original packaging equipment is exploding ා 1621013027

The appearance is undoubtedly very handsome, even if you can walk out of the street or fight in practice. The shoe last is slender, which is not suitable for Jr with foot width. The static package is very good, but the dynamic package is slightly insufficient. The forefoot is soft and elastic, and the back palm is relatively hard at the initial stage. It needs a period of time to step on it. Generally speaking, it is not wrong

Timberland X MADNESS

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