adidas Originals Forum RS 20210810

First of all, let’s talk about the quality of this baby. I can’t buy such a good quality in the same price. Moreover, I have personally tested it in the physical store. The physical store is more expensive, and the quality is not as good as this one. The workmanship is very good. I like the style. I’m very satisfied with the color. There is no color difference. The fabric is comfortable. The sole is thick and soft. The shoe size is right. The size is suitable. It is light. It doesn’t stink. It has good air permeability, good skid resistance and good quality. I’m ready to buy more pairs

White shoes are versatile! After changing into velvet stockings, what other foot piercing, pinching, grinding and blistering are not problems immediately. It’s very comfortable! Clover technology is still OK, the most durable sewing shoes! No one! The shoes stuck on the toe are rubbish. The toe will be unglued within a month. I usually see that the shoes worn by foreigners and Japanese are all round with no tip exposed. Only in China do we have such broken shoes with sticky tips…

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