Adidas Boost X9000L4 20210809

Adidas Boost X9000L4

B support to store men’s and women’s shoes, real standard half size system ා Adidas boost x9000l4 series style, with a sense of speed and Adidas ZX The series of similar rigid silhouette vamp is made of woven surface material and decorated with thermosetting rubber Triangle veneer, which makes the shoe show a sincere sense of technology and strength. The middle sole presents a zigzag shape with exaggerated thickness difference between the front and back palms, and the heel extends outward greatly. The pattern of the outer sole of the design is very unique. The density of the small checkerboard is different in depth, and the outer edge of the forefoot is also equipped with special features The stable module is matched with boost insole material, which makes the foot feel very good. Official product No.: fw9296 yards: 36 36.537.5338.539 40.541 42 42.543 44 45 code mm209510b

It’s very light, very breathable and affordable. I bought four pairs for my family in one breath. I hope Li Ning will continue to work hard, carry forward the advantages, continue to improve the shortcomings, do a good job in national brands, and create more and better products for ordinary consumers. At the same time, I am looking forward to the 15th generation, hoping to produce more color matching and lower prices. I will continue to support it.

Adidas Boost X9000L4

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