Puma Smash Vulc 20210808

The shoes are very good-looking. They are especially easy to wear. The leather ones are easy to clean, and they can be cleaned by wiping. The cloth needs to be brushed. But I feel that the leather is very thin, especially the toe. The size of the shoes is too large. It seems that the feet are very long. It must be smaller because size 39 is tens of yuan cheaper than 38.5. It doesn’t matter if you want to buy a bigger one, but the shoes are still a little big. You can wear thick socks when you arrive. You don’t want to change them, and there is no shortage of 38.5 shoes. I’m not happy that the price of shoes has been changed to the same, just a few days after I bought them So much floating Logistics is very fast, shoes have small defects, did not go to verify the true or false, choose to believe the seller.

Don’t buy fake shoes. Shoes are deeper than normal shoes. They are not comfortable to wear. They will hit the ankle. The edge of the insole may be lack of fabric. There is no security code. Leopard on the logo is sick. The information inside the tongue is printed more than one piece less. One piece of shoe box is crooked. The quality of shoes is not like this. The customer service attitude is very poor Also say what customs clearance goods can’t be returned, can’t secondary sales, shoes clearly marked made in China or sent from Hangzhou, let me find out the customs information myself Children are easy to cheat Whatever you want to coax you over Well, anyway, this shopping was very unpleasant. I hope you won’t be fooled again

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