adidas Pure Boost 2017 20210805

The tongue is very individual. It has three layers inside and three outside, just like spring rolls… I didn’t look at the pictures carefully. The actual soles are protruding from both sides, showing that the feet are big and comfortable to wear. The previous boost shoes are small in size, but this one is still a little larger, and there is no special feeling. But it is still soft, too soft and not very good.

There is no need to say that the product is not genuine. Once you pinch the sole of your foot, you will know that the cliff is upright. The feeling of feet is also wonderful. I bought a pair of ice wind insoles on the Internet. I feel like I’m stepping on constipation. This color matching is better for clothes. The foot feel is slightly inferior to UB 3.0 and sock shoes, and the feeling of socks and shoes is not as good as ub3,. 0. After all, they are horse brand, but compared with my other two pairs of nmdr1 and R2, they are really comfortable. Start with… Forget to drop a few pairs of boost, hee hee

adidas Pure Boost 2017

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