Nike Mamba Instinct 20200921

I haven’t worn it yet. The appearance looks ok. The quality has to wait for my feet to try. The key comes. My friend improved my own cutting and didn’t squeeze my feet. I bought a size and a half bigger, but I couldn’t wear it without changing it. It’s smart and handy. With the laces I bought myself, it’s really * * matched ha ha

Don’t buy a friend with nice foot width. Luna’s feedback is obvious: don’t wear stockings. It’s not recommended that friends with ankle injuries and weak ankle strength buy insoles to prevent rollover. The XDR outer sole is more wear-resistant, with dense lines, good grip and medium thickness. It’s suitable for defenders to buy. For friends with higher weight, the cushioning may not be enough and support is not good Recommend 80 to 130 kg of friends to buy sponge filling, very in place

Nike Mamba Instinct

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