Nike Epic React Flyknit 20200919

Good. I was scared before I bought it. After all, the price was so low that I didn’t buy it in Taobao before, and I didn’t have any comments. When I received the goods, I saw the rough workmanship, and there was no place to place the overflowing glue. As a CAI chicken who had bought some hooks, I told me in my heart: This is the genuine product!!! Running shoes depend on the soles. When I pinch the soles with my hands, I can’t stop the q-bounce feedback. After stepping on my feet, it’s a different experience. Different from adiub’s soft and soft shit, react is more flexible. After medium and long distance, it is more supportive than UB. Of course, UB may be more comfortable when pressing the road everyday. I’m too lazy to judge. I believe my feet. Ha ha ha.

As soon as I received the shoes, I couldn’t wait to put them on. I’m very satisfied with the genuine shoes. They look good and comfortable to wear. Customer service is also very good. I’ll come again next time

Nike Epic React Flyknit

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