Puma Suede Classic 20200903

Let’s talk about the shoes. I bought them on November 11. I didn’t pay attention to the fact that the stitches of the shoes were higher than those of the lined insoles. This is the problem, which directly leads to the wearing of a thumb Then I contacted the customer service. I was very busy on double 11. I can understand the problem that I didn’t reply in time. But clearly I answered the question clearly before. I changed the customer service and asked again. Then the same thing didn’t be dealt with. Then it lasted for about two or three days. After that, I gave 15 yuan compensation directly. I didn’t agree. Because of my work, I don’t usually How can I see the mobile phone, I leave a message to let the platform contact by phone, which is more timely. The result is not. I directly give the words of compensation of 20 yuan. I want to deal with the problem, it’s a quality problem. It’s good to admit that it’s not. Finally, when the compensation is 40 yuan, the problem has not been solved

Baby is really good, logistics is also very fast oh, and everyone said that the size is too large. I think that I usually wear 36.5/37 shoes, and customer service is very considerate

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