Asics GT-2000 5 20200901

This is my second time to buy Arthurian shoes. The first pair has been worn for nine months, and the end has been a little flat. I met a pair of 12 just when I needed them. I bought two pairs without hesitation. Today, I ran in the morning for the first time. I successfully challenged the half horse. The shoes are comfortable and comfortable. The wrapping of the shoes is very strong, especially for the protection of the ankle. In the future, Arthur shoes will be the first choice. Little Overture: on Christmas Eve, I wore these pairs to participate in a 40 kilometer hike. Although I was the second to arrive at the end of my team, running was not hiking shoes after all Only I knew my pain.

It’s very supportive. It’s just right to buy 36 for 35. The insole can be taken out for washing. I don’t feel pain in my knee when I run. I feel much better than skykey. It’s not only soft and good foot feel. I’d like to buy back black at a discount. I hope Arthur’s color can be better

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